In short about myself.

Sharon, known lovingly by the SME Family as "Grammy," finds the most joy in creating dishes straight from the garden. Her farm-fresh cuisine embodies the quintessential grandmother's cooking, with fresh baked breads and pantries full of canned pickles and tomatoes. Yet she elevates flavor with her knack for balancing spices and creating depth in her culinary techniques.

She effortlessly prepares feasts for those she loves—and we love her for it!

Grammy comes from a long line of kitchen masters. Her mother and siblings are her inspiration. Whenever they get together, they each cook a dish and eat all day—and of course, it becomes a competition. We're partial to Grammy. She's always the winner in our book.

It's no surprise that Grammy's favorite way to spend a meal is with family and friends around a table. Whether serving up salmon to her church women's group or roasting ribs for family, Grammy is in happiest when feeding those she loves.

My Recipes

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