In short about myself.

Mary Gilbert keeps things running in our greenhouse. If you're eating a salad full of Soul Miner's Lettuce, chances are that Mary had a hand in seeding, planting and harvesting those beautiful greens. She's a spunky go-getter who always has a smile on, and the SME family is better because she's part of it.

On the culinary side, Mary goes for simplicity and nutrition. Growing up, her mom cooked every meal, and they rarely went out for dinner. That definitely influenced Mary's approach to meals as an adult. Though eating out is the easiest way to feed a single person, she rarely does so because cooking at home is a great way to save money and have a little more control over nutrition.

Mary is an avid runner, so fueling her body is a top priority when preparing meals. Even with the simplest meals, she likes to be sure she gets all of her food groups in the right proportions on the plate! She says, "Our bodies are amazing creations that were perfectly designed by God, and they need good food to function at their highest potential!"

Go-to Weeknight Meal: A salad with all the toppings you can imagine! Salads are a perfect and easy way to get in a huge variety of proteins and veggies.

Favorite Indulgence: Ice cream!

Top Local Restaurant: Barberitos

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