In short about myself.

Karin is a true creative when it comes to meal creation. She likes to decide what to eat on the way home from work, and whip up something that is simple and delicious from the staples she keeps on hand.

She draws her culinary inspiration from generations of cooks. Karin's dad, Dave, is a master griller and her mom, Sharon (also known as "Grammy" around the SME farm), is the quintessential cook. Karin was especially inspired by her grandmother, who, like most amazing cooks, was always in the kitchen.

Her grandparents' garden provided the best and freshest lettuce, when she visited their farm. As she got older and appreciated being in the kitchen, she enjoyed cooking with her grandmother and learned much in a short time. She still uses many of her grandmother's recipes, with lemon vinaigrette dressing on a greek salad as a favorite. To this day, she can't find a better recipe for buttermilk pancakes!

Like her grandmother, Karin is most comfortable in the kitchen, cooking and serving others. It is her favorite way to enjoy a meal—from start to the nourishing finish of fellowship with family and friends.

She and Mike are a perfect pair for hosting because he will carry the conversation, handle the drinks, and is an amazing sous chef, and she cooks and serves the food. Entertaining others with a big, home cooked meal is one of their greatest shared joys!

  • Go-to Weeknight Meal:  Whatever she feels like cooking that night, but she loves an easy meal with grilled chicken, roasted veggies and either baked potatoes or steamed rice.  
  • Favorite Indulgence:  Homemade pizza and snickerdoodle cookies (and french fries!!)
  • Top Local Restaurant:  This foodie can't choose just one—SeaBear and Homemade tie for her favorites!

My Recipes

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